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We have Over 50 years of combined experience in the recreational lending industry.

Whether you’re looking to purchase the RV, Boat or Motorcycle of your dreams, iNet Lending has the products, services and experience to make your dream possible. We offer a quick, easy and free application process with an instant credit decision when you apply online. Our experienced and friendly loan specialists will walk along side you throughout your loan process. We offer RV loans, Boat loans and Motorcycle loans in 48 states.

iNet has partnered with a number of loan providers allowing us to offer highly competitive low rates and policies for every type of credit. Good Credit or Bad Credit? Doesn't matter with us. Because of our partnerships and volume, we have more Boat Loan, RV Loan and Motorcycle Loan options available than any other company online.


"I couldn't believe how easy this process was. My wife and I applied for our boat loan online. We heard back within a matter of hours, they verified some stuff with the dealer, then we closed a couple days later. This was a seamless process. Thanks iNet!"
- Don J., Texarkana, TX


Competitive Insurance Rates

iNet Lending offers competitive rates for your Boat insurance, RV insurance and Motorcycle insurance through our partner company, AmeriWest General Companies. 

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